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Bro Shaming – The Introduction

I’m starting something new and I’m not sure if this is the best idea I’ve ever, or possible the worst idea I’ve ever had. But I think, I think I have to do it. I think? WHAT IS IT you ask? Well, let me ask the ladies a question:
How you have you received an inappropriate message from online dating from a guy and thought he would never say that if we were face to face? A message that is offensive, sexual, disgusting or degrading? If you ever done online dating, the chances are you probably have received at least a few of these messages before. That’s why, that’s why we need Bro Shaming.
Yes, like “Slut Shaming”, but for douche bag guys. The idea actually came to me recently when I saw this on my facebook feed.


And I know this is nothing new. Guys send these types of messages to females doing online dating all the time. Sadly and unfortunately, this seems to be an “expected” interaction from guys from online dating sites. A lot of my female friends have told me they have received first message just like this or worst. And they laugh it off and yada yada and just chalk it up to internet creeps.

But, BUT, why is this okay!? Like if this was real life and elmachote8 walked up to my friend in a bar and asked “Do you want to fuck”, he could get punched in the mother fucking face by this girl. Or any of her male friends that she’s out with. So why is it “okay” that guys feel that they can say these awful things to females online? THIS IS NOT FUCKING OKAY. Like not at all.

So yes, I am doing this to stand up for my female friends because it’s not okay to talk to them in such awful ways and yada yada. BUT REALLY, my real motivation is slightly more selfish. I want to expose these ass clowns because they are ruining it for the rest of. The rest of us, being guys that don’t insist on sending dick pics on the 2nd message, guys that approach and speak to women like women. And I know most people interact with females in a normal, respectable manner online, but it’s this MINORITY group of men that think it’s okay to interact with women online like it’s not real life, that gives the MAJORITY of men bad reputations online.

If I had to take an educated guess, I would bet it’s probably only about three to five percent of men that are actually assholes to women online. But these three to five percent are also the same guys that play “the numbers game” and just send out massive awful messages to every girl. So even though they might only make up 5% of the population they probably account for a much higher percentage of the total emails sent out. If you follow that. For example, Nice Guy A, takes his time, reads her profile and probably sends 1 to 2 messages a night. Where Douchebag Guy B, doesn’t take anytime assessing her profile, but instead sends out 20 messages with “Wanna fuck” a night. You can see how even though they are less douche bags, there are more of their messages.

Douchebags vs nice guys

These ass clowns are the reason why females have reservations about online dating. These ass clowns are why girls are immediately hesitant about every guy who initially contacts them online. And to some extent, guys like this are the reason why when you approach a girl at a bar, the girl assumes you’re just another douche bag who’s going to drop a shitty pick up line on her. Guys like this are ruining the perception of all guys. Guys like this need to be stopped. Or at least embarrassed enough to change their behavior.

That’s where Bro Shaming comes into play. My plan is simple. Post their message, and everything else I can find out about them on the public internet that might be of interest. I think this is legal?  I mean everything I will be posting is already publically available information. And I’ve seen lots of other sites do this exact same thing. Here’s a good one This is just my platform for the same thing.

And yes I would be embarrassed for this guy if it was me, but that’s the idea. Hopefully this will deter any other future assholes from treating women like they’re not real people, just because there’s a layer of protection of online dating.

Like I said, this is either the best idea I’ve ever had, OR the worst idea. Either way it’s going to result in all these juiced up douchebags threating to murder me.

AND LOOK I’m fair. IF the guy contacts me and asked me to take it down, I might. But he’s going to need to write an apology saying why he will never speak to a woman like that again on online dating. Which I’ll post in its place.
WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Taking submissions now! From any online dating interaction


So without further ado, the first Bro Shaming goes to elmachote8.
Here is the message again he sent my friend Kelsey:

Bro Shaming – elmachote8


The classic “Want to Fuck” opening line. HAS THIS EVER WORKED IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? Probably not. Okay I get it’, he’s young. He’s 21, still a kid. BUT 21 is not that young. 21 is old enough to know better. And if we don’t stop his behavior now, he’s going to grow up into a 22 year old asshole, and then a 23 year old ass hole and so on.

His twitter profile is also pretty classy as well:


All he tweets about is sex. Which don’t get me wrong, sex is great, but you are never going to have sex talking like that. At least with any girl that has at least an ounce of self esteem.

Oh Westley. Knock that shit off. Grow the fuck up. Especially since it looks like you’re trying to be a fire fighter when you grow up according to your Instagram. I respect firefighters. I do not respect you.

More to come! If you think this is a good idea…let me know your thoughts…

Do you have a conversation you want to submit to Bro Shaming? Do it here!

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  • Mama Bell October 14, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    What a great idea! I am also a friend of Kelsey’s and the mother of a 21 year old and a 4 year old (both boys). I will be sharing this for all the young single people to read and learn.

  • Zip October 14, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    I still think that you should make a fake female profile on any dating site and record/post the results. For science.

  • singlegirlie October 16, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    I love this. I love you. Let’s make this shit HAPPEN.

  • Anonymous January 5, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Only problem is, true to the cliche, women don’t go for nice guys. All things being equal, they do go for guys who are jerks and who treat them like s**t. Sorry but I’ve been friend-zoned far too many times–and, the other hand, gotten much farther in relationships and sexually with the opposite demeanor (pickup artist negging, no compliments, being a cad in general, etc.)–that I understand why some of these guys resort to this. I think in the particular case you cite, the guy is clearly over-the-top and inartful in a way that isn’t going to get him much success, but he’s just responding to a broader sociological and psychological environment in which women claim to like nice guys but then really crave cocky jerks.

    • jack January 22, 2015 at 6:34 pm

      It’s true, I too am a nice guy with constant friend zone bullshit- she complains to you, about leather jacket dudebrodouche. One bitch called me drunk at 2am saying “I want ass. But not from you.” Click.

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