PB Millioniare


The PB Millionaire is more popular than me!?

So the original title of this blog was “Worst day of life”, but for SEO reason I’m putting PB Millionaire into the title of the blog. I know it’s not as exciting or dramatic or contains swear words, but it’s time I step up my internet game. I need to start doing better at that…


PB Millionaire: IN MY OPINION

Preface   Yep. This blog has a preface, I’m not sure what’s actually in a preface since I don’t actually read books. A fun fact about me, I hate hate hate reading. I know right. Shocking? Maybe not. I don’t even like proof reading my own blog after I write it, which is obvious by…


PB Millionaire: Part 1

Let me start off by saying I am ridiculously excited about this series of  blogs that is about to occur. I am literally, literally hyper ventilating about the cynical thoughts that about to come out my brain, down my fingers and into your computer screen. Why am I so excited you ask? Well, let me…

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