Craig’s List, one more time…

Sitting down and conjuring up funny is more difficult than it sounds. So in taking the easy route out, I think I’ll do another CL’s blasting. It’s the easy way out of writing a real blog, sure, but I promise it will be my last one about CL losers, for a while. Actually it got me kind of thinking, maybe this will be the year I tackle the hard hitting topics in my blogs, like politics, legislation reform, and world peace? Maybe it will be, maybe it will. . .HAHA!

Actually by politics, legislation reform, and world peace I actually mean I’m going to duct tape a 40 to my hand and smash the key board and see what comes out.

Here it is. More Craig’s List Tool boxes.

There it is, the easy way out of a blog, Craig’s list losers. I promise future blogs will be more thought out and planned. Actually I kind of wrote down some new ideas for this year blog, things to be included:

“Relationship advice – ask the guy that can’t get any himself, on how to get some”

“Video blog?”

“Craig list all stars – time to pick on the girls”

“Steven gets drunk and does something ridiculous

Etc etc.

Leave me some comments?


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  • JP February 26, 2009 at 8:34 am

    just wait til JP comes down to san diego with you…. thats a week and a halfs worth of blog writings in 1 day…. love it man keep it up

  • Single Girl February 26, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    OH MY GOSH, I love finding weirdo’s on craigs list. Most of the postings are so comical, sometimes when I am (not) working and need a distraction I look through. The comentary you provided is classic,

  • Tail in T-Town April 21, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Steven…. I get that you maaay not be into the whole fetish world and all… but lets bring some attention to the word- Submissive. A simple definition of this word might be one who Submits. And in that, not only is the picture incorrect- but she would not be beating up Mr. Fuzzy, but would be receiving the punishment. However, I guess this guy really brings a new meaning to the fetish called “Fuzzies” .,.,., don’t know about it? Look it up. You may even be intrigued. Might bring up some Disney fantasies.

    Love your work ;-p

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