Just Craigslist

*I’m not a jerk. I just play one in these blogs.






















Just Craig’s List.
No online dating shenanigans.
No hilarious story of why I’m single.
Just Craig’s List.

Girls, don’t date guys on Craigslist….

I don’t even know how to break this up since the jerk doesn’t use a single period. But I’m going try….

“late blooer looking 4 erly bloomer”
Nice title genius! I don’t understand. I don’t understand how he couldn’t take 2.3 seconds to read it and correct the spelling. I mean the words get underlined in red, RED, TELLING YOU something is wrong. The red DOES NOT mean “yes, rocket scientist, all the words all spelled correctly, please proceed with your posting”. I’m just saying.

“hay Grails , iam Edgar one of kind man”
Not sure why he starts out by calling everyone “Grails”, but I like how he capitalized it to show you just how serious he is about getting laid. That’s right ladies heis Edgar, spaces mean nothingtohim and they shouldn’t toyou.

“i mean that in real way lets just say that my bite is far less then my bark”
I think this means he has brain damage. And not the good kind

“iam looking for a personal lover /businessowner/420 not imported to me”
I understand that your looking for a personal lover. Okay fine. Where you lost me was at the point where you don’t care is she’s a business owner or is 420 friendly….What!? I get 420 stuff, but a owning your own business!? For all you ladies out there that might be interested but don’t own your own business, don’t worry! He doesn’t care!! Personally, I only date girls that have their own businesses. I guess my standards are a little higher than most…..what!? Really??

“more 4 me /beyond that i love to cook , no lets just say that i will due the cooking , u must like to go running ok , i run late in to the nite and every chance i get, beside that i like it quite iam a alpha male self made”
Ugh. If this guy get’s laid, I’m going gay.

I have a few more, but I’ll leave some more for another day.


  • homolicker March 12, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Loved your blog post, so funny to laugh at the stupidity of others!

  • Bunny March 12, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    Ha, Steven I love your cl rants. Rant #2 is great…isn’t HPV a virus, so if he had it then he still has it? Groosssssssssss

  • awalkabout March 20, 2009 at 11:50 am

    This blog, while incredibly tasteless and clearly something to be of concern to future employers, was hilarious! (PS Edgar is definitely a primo alpha male. Just thought you wanted to know.)

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