My Dating Pool Is Shrinking Every Second

Dating sucks. But I guess we already know that. And what’s worse, is that it’s probably going to get harder and harder to find my forever person with each and every passing day. It has come to my attention with each passing day, each passing hour, minute, second, my dating pool of available women is shrinking.  Well it is more of a logical thought exercise I find myself doing over and over. I was in the middle of writing another match.com statistics blog when I got side tracked thinking about the following:

dating pool shrinking

New match.com statistics blog coming this week as well! Here’s a sneak preview: Dating sucks, statistically speaking.


  • Tank September 11, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    Read the book…”soulmate secret”
    Arielle ford….
    As soon as I got off those sites I met someone

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