Adventures in Speed Dating

SPEED DATING!! As you can tell, I’m yelling. That’s how excited I was to do speed dating. Well at least that’s how excited I was about the idea of doing speed dating. I don’t know anyone that’s actually done speed dating, so all of my knowledge about speed dating comes from super cliché movies, likes...

Preface to a book I probably won’t write

I wrote this many months ago, while stuck in an airport bar. Posting this is as motivation for me to actually get my shit together and write more. Maybe even a book. Would you read it? Hello. Greetings. And Welcome.  If you’re reading this, then you already know. I wrote a book. Or at least...

Women of Tinder: What not to do, Part 2

Let’s get rrrrrready to Tiiiiindeeeeeeeeeer. . Part one of Women of Tinder: What Not To Do, went pretty well, and by pretty well I mean I can tell a couple thousand of you read it (or at least hit the site with unique IPs), but then only 3 people commented. That’s like fucking stealing. .Thanks…


Women of Tinder: What not to do

Let’s just get started. I mean congrats on being a cute kid, but are you really trying to attract that guy that sees a photo of you at your 5th birthday party and is like “Daaaaaaamn guuuuurl, can’t wait to swipe that ass right.” Also it makes me think that you peaked when you were…


What is Tinder? And why it’s ridiculous

What is Tinder!? And I assume you’re asking because you’re in a relationship, or single and not hip to technology, well my friends, it’s the most addicting, judgmental, shallow app available on smart phones today. Think old school HotOrNot.com circa 2002, where you and your high school idiot guy friends would crowd around a single…


Single Steve is back!

Hello? Hello! Yeah, so, this is happening. It’s like really happening. I know, I know, I can’t believe it either.  Please calm the fuck down, stop screaming, have a seat, take a deep breath, and please continuing reading. It’s been a while. Or as we say in the hood, “it’s been a minute” since I’ve…


Craig’s List All Stars 5

Hooray! Another blog! I suck at blogging as frequently as I should. I think I’m kind of in a slump? Life (work, school, play) goes grrrrreat actually, but it’s more of a dating slump.  I haven’t been on a date in months, literally months. Well what I would consider a date. Maybe I’ve been on…


How not to date the Cute Funny Girl in your class

(Imagine, a dimly lit library, smelling of rich mahogany, me, wearing a satin robe, smoking a pipe, slowly rotating my swiveling plush chair towards you.) Hello, salutations, greetings, please, have a seat, stay a while. And welcome to another awkward edition to my blog. (Okay, now imagine me naked covered in peanut butter) For those…

Single Steve Production

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