PB Millionaire, or is it PB Reality? Or is it you’re still a tool?


Yep. Another fucking preface. I’m sorry I’m not sorry. I just have some stuff I want to say that’s not really related to the “blog”, so here it is. What I wanted to declare for all to hear that I am never going to date another “blogger” again. What a disaster. As I’m sure some of you recall I went on a date with “The Dating Chronicles of a San Diego Single” girl. On paper she sounded okay, she was single, mildly entertaining, lived in San Diego and more importantly willing to go on a “date” with me. So I’m sure you read my side of the date and her side of the date. The problem with her side of the blog, is that it sits on a thrown of lies. Usually I wouldn’t feel the need to defend or refute comments but people are idiots and apparently I need clarify a few things. Also I get hate comments I have to delete on my blog, which is just getting annoying, so here’s some facts about the date:

1.) NO I did NOT pick her up in a white van.
When I read that, I thought it was funny, “ha ha ha”, I thought it was so outrageous that people would understand that it was obviously a joke, but then people started believing I ACTUALLY picked her up in a white van for date. I can understand people I don’t know in “real life”, thinking, yeah, maybe he did pick her up in a white van, but when people I see on a daily basis think I picked her up in a white van, that’s when I get concerned. You think I traded in my car for a rape van just for this date!? For the record I drive an Infinity G-35.

2.) I DID NOT call her tall when I first met her.
She said in her blog that when I first met her I said “Wow, you ARE tall”. False.
Although I did thank her for being a giant, but at this point we were having so much fun it was totally acceptable. Yeah, another thing, the date was fun, we had a blast, we were tweeting another story for fun, which is our fault, we let out internet egos get in the way.

3.) I never offered to take her to Subway.
Really? People are dumb if they think I would actually go on a date to subway.

There it is, out in open. We haven’t spoke/text/tweeted since the date, so I’m pretty sure were probably never going to see each other again. Which is a shame because she was actually pretty cool in real life. On to the blog…..

PB Millionaire, or is it PB Reality? Or is it you’re still a tool?


In my opinion……..I don’t even know where to begin. I actually kind of want to begin this blog by punching myself in the eyes, but I remember that I have a low threshold for pain and it would probably be really difficult to type when my eyes are swollen shut. Why do I want to start this blog by punching myself in the face you ask? Well, it’s because I just spent the last 23 minutes of life, eye fucking the shit out of the PB Millionaire’s terrible terrible website. I wanted to get an update to what’s new and exciting with the douchest guy in “PB”, and it was one of those things where I just wanted to look away but couldn’t. You know like 2 girls 1 cup type of thing, you want to look away, but you can’t. You just can’t. Anyways, our friend, the PB Millionaire is at it again and I’ve got some tales to share with you. I just ruined 23 minutes of life, and hundred brains cells in order to gather information for the purposes of this blog. The things I do for you people.

Okay were going to make this as interactive as possible, let’s start with this, first step is for everyone to get in front of a computer. Okay, let me know when you there. Ready? Okay, now open a web browser of your choice, except Internet Explorer. Not because it won’t work in Internet Explorer, but seriously who uses IE anymore? From a nerd stand point, it just sucks, please get a real one. I’ve also discovered www.SingleSteve.com doesn’t work correctly in IE 6 or earlier, so if you are using IE 6.0 or earlier, we can’t be friends. But I digress. Focus. In the web browser address, navigate to:

Notice…..the web address is now…

Whaaaaa. What’s this? Interweb magic. I know right. Apparently he is no longer the “PB Millionaire” douche bag, but now he’s branding this “PB Reality” garbage. Me thinks he’s not as rich as he seems. I guess “PB 35k-a-year-ionaire” doesn’t really have the same ring.Let’s dig deeper into this, so “PB millionaire” used to stand for “Philanthropist Bachelor Millionaire”, right? At least he used to pretend to be philanthropic while he was creeping on girls half his age. I searched the website and couldn’t find any more references to PB standing for “Philanthropic Bachelor”…..interesting. Where did it go? 




Which leads me to exhibit A: a video I found of him on NBC San Diego from this years Street Scene. Play and read my time stamped comments as I walk you though this completely social awkward video.

I’m sorry for making you sit through that video. Kind of.
The highlight for me was when he basically said one of his assistants has fucked up teeth. So basically Philanthropist Bachelor is out the window, and he’s now pushing his reality show. Awesome.

So navigating back to his home page, notice the silence of your computer is interrupted by his music that starts playing automatically. Doesn’t he know how fucking annoying it is to go to a website and have music automatically start playing!? If I went to google.com and music started to play every single time, I would punt my computer into the face of the guy that’s responsible for that code. I’m just saying, it would be pretty fucking annoying. And I’m pretty sure HE DOES NOT own rights to that song to have it playing his website. But I digress, let’s take a look at “Here’s What’s Happening”.



Ruh roh Scooby, looks like PB millionaire has a girlfriend? Or at least had a date for Valentine’s Day.

I guess I’m just jealous because I spent my Valentines on an “Anti-Valentines” bar crawl in pacific beach. I may or may not have blacked out, and woke up at 1am covered in Wendy’s….Happy Valentine’s Day to me! It wasn’t my finest moment.


Next I’ll walk you through some of his more recent photos. He recently had a Christmas party, what from what I can tell you weren’t invited unless you were in a slutty Christmas costume. Sounds more like Halloween.

Also, for being really rich, I don’t know why he doesn’t invest in a copy of Photoshop.

His birthday looked fun, but my birthday celebration is way better. I’m just saying. It’s in conjunction with a friend, and we always do an epic bar crawl (Mid April, SAVE THE DATE). The best bar crawl you will ever go on, minus one’s hosted by CrawlPB.

I’m not sure why I made that collage, probably because I have the attention span of an infant and forget I’m in the middle of writing a blog. But let’s get back to bashing our friend, PB Millionaire, shall we.

Here’s all I’m going to say about his super bowl party:

It looks like he finally found his 4th angel. Good for him.

It got me thinking, if I could pick, who would my 4 angels be.

So there you go, now you know my type. Let me know if you think there’s anyone that you think would be good for me.

Also NO WHERE on his site does he mention a single thing he does to help or better the community. Not a single fucking thing. Alright I’m done bashing the PB Millionaire. I promise I’m not a jerk, I just play one on the internet.

In my opinion….. Leave me comments. Do it.




  • Laura February 27, 2010 at 9:12 am

    dang, look at all that attention they’re getting in the restaurant. must be overwhelming for an aspiring model to have pictures taken of her while she eats.

  • logan g March 1, 2010 at 6:45 am

    dude he has a blog. allow me this excerpt:
    “I remember once walking down the street in a busy section of town in Northern California. A car purposely drove through a puddle next to the curb to splash me with water. This person was in a convertible and he was laughing at me afterwards…I was totally undisturbed, like a drop of water on an ocean of consciousness.”

  • Jami S. March 2, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Ok, so I usually scan the pictures on your blog before I read… So, I’m scanning and as I’m scrolling down to the Christmas Party pictures – I think, “Holy hell? Is he orange?” I then scroll down maybe two inches and read, “He’s literally that orange. Literally.” I laughed alone and loudly for a good 3 minutes. (That’s a long time to be laughing)

    This guy is so lame. Was he wearing a SWEATBAND for his Superbowl party? Wha… why??

  • John March 3, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Ok I didn’t even get through it all yet, but the post is great so far. DO NOT EVER compare this douche to “Otto the Orange” , just don’t do it. now back to the great read.

  • John March 3, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Oh and you forgot this pub crawl…

    also I can vouch Internet Steve and RL Steve 2 different people, both funny.

  • blondie March 3, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    hmmm maybe i should’ve responded to that craigslist ad, they obviously get a discount on spray tan.

  • Martin October 20, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Looking at him makes me think that he would be one of those guys who reeks of cheap after shave and has no clue what tasteful moderation is. The fact that people actually (or at least pretend to) take him serious makes me wonder if there is a switch in the brain that allows more B.S. to come from a person based on how much money they make, or at least put out. For instance, I’m at the bar with Cameron Diaz… I will nod my head and agree that the Toyota Prius is brilliant and that all people should be eco-mentalists… Meanwhile my diesel truck shits a Prius every time I start it up… However, I will be so cleverly deceptive in hopes of either a hook up or at least something worth value, whereas any other female with less of a financial grounding is much more likely to discover how strongly I feel about the eco minded Prius. The models for the PB douche must have an enormous off switch in the sensible tolerance section of their brain that is only over-ridden by lack of money or show. Ugh… I feel disgusted by the thoughts of what they go through with on a date with the Orange Goblin despite them only being whimsical ideas of disgust.

  • Corine November 8, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Thousands of people have seen his Craigslist ads. We all know that he pays the chicks in these photos. Everything he does is rigged to leave you with the impression that he’s so desirable, hordes of beautiful young women flock to him.

    That could work, except everyone knows that these girls are being paid to act and pose for this creep!

    He’s not fooling anyone.

    It’s pathetic- you have to be pretty low if you need to pay people to attend your own damn birthday party.

    Haha… I love the Christmas party pics. “Quick, act like you’re having a good time!”

  • […] There’s literally about 10 more that I don’t care to post and add additional traffic to. It’s been a while since my last mention of the PB Millionaire, I’ve actually hoping he would quietly sail off into the sunset making his way to whore island, and we would all live happily ever after.  I decided he wasn’t worth a single more keystroke of my time. I wasn’t going to promote this clown any more. I was hoping he would realize his TV show looks like it was made by the San Diego High School JV video club, and give up his dream of being 30 years older than everyone he pays to hang out with him. Also I apologize if you’re new to this blog and have no idea who the PB Millionaire is, and what I’m talking about. I recommend you read: PB Millionaire: Part 1 PB Millionaire: Part 2 PB Millionaire: In my opinion PB Millionaire: You’re still a tool […]

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