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Craig’s List All Stars 5

Hooray! Another blog! I suck at blogging as frequently as I should. I think I’m kind of in a slump? Life (work, school, play) goes grrrrreat actually, but it’s more of a dating slump.  I haven’t been on a date in months, literally months. Well what I would consider a date. Maybe I’ve been on…


Craigs List Losers a go go

Hi. Hello. Shut up. Stop nagging. I know, it’s been a long time, it’s always been a long time it seems these days. I’ve been busy? Actually that’s not really true. I’m actually the least  busiest I’ve been in a really really long time. I’m not taking summer school, I’m not coaching basketball every week,…


Just Craigslist

*I’m not a jerk. I just play one in these blogs.                                           Just Craig’s List. No online dating shenanigans. No hilarious story of why I’m single. Just Craig’s List. Girls, don’t date guys on Craigslist…….


Craig’s List 3.0

Long time no blog. Sorry. Work is kicking my Ass. School is school. And I’m doing about a million other community things, yada yada. Not that anyone cares about my real life, I’m just saying. Actually, pretty funny, I just got a message from a blog subscriber who was asking when the next blog was…


Craig’s List, one more time…

Sitting down and conjuring up funny is more difficult than it sounds. So in taking the easy route out, I think I’ll do another CL’s blasting. It’s the easy way out of writing a real blog, sure, but I promise it will be my last one about CL losers, for a while. Actually it got…


Craig’s List All Stars 2.0

Since the last blog about Craig’s list postings didn’t turn out so bad, decided to milk the topic and do it again. Hopefully this one turns out to be more than garbage. Doubtful I know, but worth a try This first one is a little bit of creeper. It’s the oldest trick in the book….


Craig’s List All Stars 1.0

Craig List.  Where else on the internet can you find a job,  get free fill dirt, buy a urine soaked coach AND get a date!? Craig’s List! It baffles me the number of douche bags who post shirtless photos of themselves with posting titles like “hey guuuuurl”, and think “Yep, I’m gonna get so much…

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