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How Big Is My Dating Pool?

Guys, it’s getting serious. It’s time. It’s time I stop being single. Well, it’s always been “time”, but recently I’ve been feeling kind of a little bit like “HOLY SHIT I MISS KISSING AND HOLDING HANDS AND GOING ON DATES AND DOING NOTHING WITH SOMEONE”.  And yes, I kind of always feel that way, but...

Dear Online Dating, please die.

Yeah the title explains it all. I was chit chatting with Hendoooo (her nick name) after our company drinking softball game today and we got to talking about how poorly my online dating experience was going, she literally laughed in my face when I was telling her my woes of online dating.  Perfect opportunity to…


I’m Back!?

I know I know. It’s been too long. Way too long (That’s what she said), but I’m back, and back with a fury. Where did I go you ask? I was in a little place called Relation City, USA. Yep, it’s true, Single Steve actually had a girl friend. Shocked are you? Fuck your couch,…


Match.com mix up

Times like these I wish I was a better writer because the following tale deserves to be told in all it’s glory. The follow is a TRUE story. I couldn’t make this stuff up, we all know I’m smart enough. The follow images are un-manipulated, other than texting on top. So as you know, I…


Captain Unrealistic Standards!

So updates: I’m still single. I still think Doctor Phil should go fuck himself. I’m still embarrassed to be doing online dating. The only difference is I’m about 200 dollars poorer because apparently finding my soul mate cost money. You know what else cost money? Prostitution. I’m just saying. So essentially I’m paying money NOT…

Single Steve Production

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