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Halloween, you’re still a hoe.

Catching up. Halloween has come and gone, and people have been begging me to update my happenings since. Well that’s not true, no one actually asked me anything, but I’m going to fucking tell you anyways. Sorry, I know, no need to swear.   My Halloween actually wasn’t all to wild and crazy kids. I…


I’m Back!?

I know I know. It’s been too long. Way too long (That’s what she said), but I’m back, and back with a fury. Where did I go you ask? I was in a little place called Relation City, USA. Yep, it’s true, Single Steve actually had a girl friend. Shocked are you? Fuck your couch,…


PB Millionaire, Part 2

He’s since removed a lot of his sketchy youtube videos, so the video links are broken…sorry.   I’m back. With a fury. Sorry for the delay. That thing called real life got in the way. But you’ll be happy to know that real life goes great, not that anyone of you actually cares. So where…


PB Millionaire: Part 1

Let me start off by saying I am ridiculously excited about this series of  blogs that is about to occur. I am literally, literally hyper ventilating about the cynical thoughts that about to come out my brain, down my fingers and into your computer screen. Why am I so excited you ask? Well, let me…


How Not to Get an Online Date

Online dating shenanigans continue. I’m 2 months away from Dr. Phil confirming the fact that I am incapable of finding “someone special” in the first 6 months of my match.com experience. What a dick. At least I’ll get 6 more embarrassing months for free? Fml. Fuck my “someone special”, I would settle for just a…


Just Craigslist

*I’m not a jerk. I just play one in these blogs.                                           Just Craig’s List. No online dating shenanigans. No hilarious story of why I’m single. Just Craig’s List. Girls, don’t date guys on Craigslist…….

I’m “too awesome” to date!?

Have you ever been told “you’re too awesome to date”? Well I have, and it’s “awesome!!” But that’s hook line to get you excited about the blog. I’ll talk about being “too awesome” much later. You’ll probably want to read this blog first, so this blog makes more sense. Updates!!! As you can imagine and…

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