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Being Funny Never Got Anyone Laid

I know, the first thing you’re thinking is my title of this blog is bullshit. Well first of all, calm the fuck down, there is no reason, what so ever, to swear. Just pop a simmer. It’s weird I don’t swear in real life “that much”, but in my blog, every other word is cock,…


Okcupid.com Date: FAIL

Let me just start off by saying, I’m terrible internet human being. Absolutely terrible, probably the worst. NOW, with that being said, it’s time for me to be a jerk, so sit back and let me tell you about an absolutely terrible date I went on a week ago from the free online dating website…


Halloween, you’re still a hoe.

Catching up. Halloween has come and gone, and people have been begging me to update my happenings since. Well that’s not true, no one actually asked me anything, but I’m going to fucking tell you anyways. Sorry, I know, no need to swear.   My Halloween actually wasn’t all to wild and crazy kids. I…


Halloween, don’t be that girl

It’s about that time of year again, the weather’s getting colder, the leaves are beginning to change color and girls are deciding which kind of slutty animal they want to be for Halloween. This blog is written for my female readers, all 3 of them. Halloween is a great time of year, it’s interesting to…


Facebook will become self aware on August 29th, 2011

The journey continues, Captain’s Log: 9683 consecutive days of being alive. Yeah, that’s right, in a row. Not to be dramatic, but that’s getting pretty old. I can remember the days when I was just a day or two over 8000. Those were the days… I was a senior in college (year one of two),…


I’m Back!?

I know I know. It’s been too long. Way too long (That’s what she said), but I’m back, and back with a fury. Where did I go you ask? I was in a little place called Relation City, USA. Yep, it’s true, Single Steve actually had a girl friend. Shocked are you? Fuck your couch,…


PB Millionaire, Part 2

He’s since removed a lot of his sketchy youtube videos, so the video links are broken…sorry.   I’m back. With a fury. Sorry for the delay. That thing called real life got in the way. But you’ll be happy to know that real life goes great, not that anyone of you actually cares. So where…

How to get kicked out of Moondoggies

On any given Thursday night there’s a 75 percent chance you will find me at Moondoggies (AKA Dude-Doggies/Line-Doggies) in PB. This jumps greatly to about 90 percent if I don’t have to work on that Friday, which happens to occur every other Friday. The following is a true story that happened a few weeks ago…