The PB Millionaire is more popular than me!?

So the original title of this blog was “Worst day of life”, but for SEO reason I’m putting PB Millionaire into the title of the blog. I know it’s not as exciting or dramatic or contains swear words, but it’s time I step up my internet game. I need to start doing better at that kind of “stuff”.  I feel like my blog could actually be popular if I knew how to SEO, build a brand, not offend my idiot readers, and blog more than once a month. Oh well.  Baby steps.

Actually PB Millionaire has gotten internet wise, it appears he has hired an “SEO expert” to boost “PB Millionaire” to the top of google search. It used to be that my blogs would be the top pages returned when googling “PB Millionaire”, but now he’s bought so many domain names with the PBMillionaire in them that it pushes the good content (my blogs) down the list. And brings his highly linked and correlated domains up to the top of the google search.  A dirty dirty trick.

There’s literally about 10 more that I don’t care to post and add additional traffic to. It’s been a while since my last mention of the PB Millionaire, I’ve actually hoping he would quietly sail off into the sunset making his way to whore island, and we would all live happily ever after.  I decided he wasn’t worth a single more keystroke of my time. I wasn’t going to promote this clown any more. I was hoping he would realize his TV show looks like it was made by the San Diego High School JV video club, and give up his dream of being 30 years older than everyone he pays to hang out with him.
Also I apologize if you’re new to this blog and have no idea who the PB Millionaire is, and what I’m talking about. I recommend you read:
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Yep that’s the guy. That’s the guy that threaten to sue me because I blogged about my opinion about him based on stuff I found on his public website. Apparently he’s never heard of this thing called the internet. It’s brand new. This is my opinion, based content I’ve read/seen/watched on his websites. I highly encourage anyone and everyone out there to blog about me, and how dumb I am. Highly. That’s what the internet is for. You can’t go around suing people because they write something negative about you. Ass Clown.

Okay, okay, a bit harsh, sure, but I’m fucking fired up right now. I’m literally smashing the keyboard, not hitting delete, not filtering thoughts that come spewing out of my head, down my arms, out of my fingers and into the keyboard about the PB Millionaire.  I apologize there’s no pictures yet, I apologize there’s probably a ton of misspellings, grammar mistakes, and I apologize that it’s taken me almost 500 words into this blog and you still don’t know what this fucking blog is about. Focus.

This blog is about something very real. Very fucking real. This blog is about facebook fan pages. Yeah. Facebook fan pages. “What do you mean steven? Facebook fan pages??” First of all, why the fuck didn’t you capitalize my name? It’s a proper noun clown, don’t let it happen again. Secondly, you don’t need to add 2 question marks at the end of your question. I get it, it’s a question, adding another one doesn’t make it more of a question, I find that really fucking annoying. Wow, I’m swearing a lot right now in this blog……okay, deep breathe, calming down. Okay, here’s what I mean, I mean I was cruising through twitter and I saw a tweet from our very own PBReality, which we know is PB Millionaire in disguise.

Here’s where the link went:

Alright, cool, it looks like he’s trying to buy his fans, nothing new. So out of curiosity I clicked the link, humoring that he couldn’t possibly have more than 200 fans on facebook. Last time I check he had about 150. Today he has about 1600. What.the.fuck.  Really people? For a chance to win a laptop? Which I guarantee the “winner” is going to be an attractive looking young girl in San Diego. Why. Why are people feeding this self delusion of success and fame for this guy. STOP IT. Stop it right now.You are the problem.

A perfect example of self delusion was his “big premiere” at Moondoggies, he had to PAY people to show up to watch it. He advertised free drinks and appetizers for  people that came to watch the show’s debut. Which was a nice gesture, sure.  What he didn’t mention is that he put out a craiglist saying the first 50 people to show up would get 20 dollars if you showed up to watch his shitty show. And as expected you got every single weirdo from the internet descending on PB to claim their 20 dollars and free food for watching an 8 minute clip of some guy they couldn’t care less about. I was at the end of the line, and got a pretty awesome people watching view of everyone that showed up to collect their money. It was not your typical Friday night crowd in PB. Everyone I talked to in line was there because they saw the ad on craigslist. The guy I was talking to in front of me in line, had a backpack and fanny pack on. At 7pm, in PB. Yep. Not the normal crowd. Anyways they all piled in to watch 8 minutes about a guy and then leave. And when I say 8 minutes about some guy, I mean to say it’s 7 and a half minutes of pretty girls he pays to be in calendars and bikini contest and 30 seconds of his being awkward on camera. Worst.Show.Ever.

I don’t know why I’m so aggravated that he has so many fans on faceook.  It’s not that I’m jealous that he has more fan than me, it’s more annoyed, shocked and embarrassed for society.

So here it is, I don’t even know if it’s possible, but I have to try. Have to.  In 2 days I want to have more fans than the PB Millionaire. I think we can make this happen. I refuse to believe that this guy, that it just seems so logical to dislike, has more likes than me on facebook. I’m not going to lie my ego’s a little bruised.
This is the challenge, get more fans at the end of 2 days than the PB Millionaire. I need your help, tweets, facebook status, pictures of you topless and good ideas on how to get more fans in a hurry. Spread the word, tell your friends of friends. I don’t know what I’ll do if I have less fans than him. I don’t think I would be able to go on.

Become a fan here:
His page here:


Here’s some funny moments we’ve had with the PB Millionaire in the past:




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